About Us
About Us

We at The Written Circle wish to celebrate literature, authors, readers, books, stories, and everything else in between! We want to make books a greater part of the popular culture because we believe that books add a material, nostalgic, and emotional value to people’s lives. With this in mind, we have created a community of writers and readers that inspire each other. Our aim is to bring you a curation of books that get overlooked in the mainstream discourse. Our collections comprise lists of brilliant books which sometimes get lost in the noise and are forgotten. 


In addition to this, we also pride ourselves on welcoming new and emerging talent. We publish stories and novellas written by young authors. If you have something exciting that you wish for the world to read, you can focus on perfecting it and leave the rest to us! 


We have created a platform to have stimulating conversations about niche and interesting books with writers and readers from all walks of life! 

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